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When screening is a major part of your manufacturing process, profits depend upon the proper screens being selected. The "Open Area" of a screen is critical when maximum production is required from your screening equipment. For that reason, the open area of every wire cloth specification in this webpage is shown.

Types of Crimp

Lock Crimp. Lock Crimp is one of the most efficient patterns for all heavy duty screens when rough screening surface is acceptable and when spacing is large in relation to the wire size. Lock crimp locks each wire in place so that a uniform opening is maintained. A very durable weave, the distortion from impact of heavy oversizes is minimized. Used whenever possible for aggregate screens.
Double Crimp. Generally used when heavy wire diameters are needed to make small openings. The wires are crimped only at points where they intersect. Both the warp and shoot wire are single crimped in the weaving to reduce wire shifting and looseness in use.
Smooth Top Crimp. Ingram also produces large opening Smoothtop screens for supporting fine-mesh.

Types of Weave

Weave Acme produces a wide range of weave patterns including square mesh, rectangular mesh, and triple wire longslot. Longslot screening is partcualarly helpful when working with wet or moist aggreagate materials.

Hook Strips and Edge Styles

Plain Hooked Edge without reinforcing Bent Plate Welded insert
Regular Hook Strip shrouded with sheet metal Bent Plate Welded on Edge
Edge Style. Several styles of edging and hook strips are abailable . For hook types not shown at left consult factory. Almost any typ of hook can be supplied.

Perforated Plates

When Plate is Used Instead of Screen
Perforated plate has a longer life but a lesser screening capacity than wire screen. Wire screen has more clear openings in the same area. Our experts can help you decide whether perforated plate or wire screen will best fit your needs.
Perforated Plates
For quick delivery, Ingram maintains a large stock of perforated steel plate screens. Plate screen perforation sizes range from 1/8" to 6" in diameter and vary in thickness. Conical and cylindrical screens as well as flat deck sections are readily available.

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