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  1. How do I measure mesh and space?
  2. Do they offer plates?
  3. When is plating used instead of screens?
  4. Pricing?
  5. Condition of Sale?
  6. Ordering and Delivery?
  7. Ordering shaker screens?
  8. Ordering edge styles?
  9. How do I Order Screen Sections?

Measuring Mesh and Space

Mesh. Mesh is the number of openings per linear inch. Sample is a 6 mesh.

Uniform Mesh. The uniform mesh and space openings in ACME screens means a more accurate sizing of aggregate materials.

Space. Space is the actual opening between parallel wires.

Gauge. Wire size is indicated either in decimal equivalents, Washburn & Moen Gage, or in metric sizes. Any gauge number submitted for an order or quotation is assumed to be Washburn & Moen Gage unless otherwise indicated.

Durability. Most ACME screens are woven from high carbon steel uniformly tempered for high tensile strength and ducility and used for moderate abrasive materials. ACME's oil tempered wire screens are specified when highly abrasive materials are being screened.

The inverse relationship between wire size and open area determines screening capacity and screen life. Larger wire sizes give longer screen life but less screened material.


Perforated Plates

For quick delivery, ACME maintains a large stock of perforated steel plate screens. Plate screen perforation sizes range from 1/8" to 6" in diameter and vary in thickness. Conical and cylindrical screens as well as flat deck sections are readily available.


When Plate is Used Instead of Screen

Perforated plate has a longer life but a lesser screening capacity than wire screen. Wire screen has more clear openings in the same area. Our experts can help you decide whether perforated plate or wire screen will best fit your needs.

Plate vs. Screen



Screening material is sold by volume of square feet. Screens with the same opening & wire size will be combined for quantity pricing. ACME High Carbon wire is used for normal wear. ACME Oil tempered wire has increased hardness and tensile strength for maximum abrasion resistance. ACME charges no setup costs for an order of more than 10 square feet. Please contact us for price quotations and further information. Perforated Plate priced on request.


Condition of Sale

All orders are F.O.B. our plant, San Antonio, Texas unless otherwise quoted. On request, shipments will be sent prepaid with actual prepaid charges added to the invoice. Unless you specify the carrier, ACME will select the carrier found to the fastest and most responsible. Screens furnished to your specifications cannot be returned without authorization and specific shipping instructions from ACME Mfg. Co. All returned screens should be sent back freight prepaid.


Ordering & Delivery

Fast Delivery - More Than a Slogan
The acid test for any manufacturing firm comes after the sale is made. We at ACME feel that a firm commitment to speedy delivery helps turn customers into friends. For this reason, ACME usually provides overnight service to customers ordering common size screens within a 300-mile radius of our plant. Shipments to Foreign Countries will be handled through Gulf Coast Ports.


Ordering Shaker Screens

1. Quantity - number of screen panels
2. Make and model of vibrator
3. Size opening (square, slotted or round) if mesh is ordered, please advise wire size or opening required.
4. Wire size - diameter or gauge
5. High carbon wire (H.C.) or oil tempered (O.T.)
6. Width - dimension outside crimp (O.S.C.) Or inside crimp (I.S.C.)
7. Edge style - see page number 1
8. Length - normally measured along the crimped edge or hook strips.
9. For Simplicity Screens; indicate if end bands are required.
10. For special configurations furnish print showing dimensions, a pattern or sample.


Ordering Edge Styles

1. Specify hook strip of edge hook style.
2. State, which edges are to be prepared.
3. Give length of hook strips.
4. Give accurate outside dimension of screen plus hooks or strips. Measure old screen from outside of one bend to the other. (Length is normally the crimped side.)

Ordering Edge Styles


How To Order Screen Sections

1. Specify quantity-number of screens.
2. Specify opening or mesh, wire diameter and metal required.
3. If screens have a slotted opening, the direction of the slot should be given in relation to the hook strips.
4. Machine Identification

a. Size and make of machine
b. Exact finished width and length of section (measure from outside to outside hooks). Insure that you have a minimum of 1/2" clearance between each hook and sideplate of machine-required for proper tensioning.
c. Where two or more pieces are required to make up the length, advise if lap is required.
d. If hooks are to be other than galvanized steel-specify metal desired.
e. Advise special conditions, such as end tensioning, welded intersections, punching for bolts, brazing around bolt holes, etc.

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